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A few months ago the Intel NUC Modding Contest 2016 started, and we’ve seen various photo’s fly by on the social media profiles of the Modders. This article is about the Hypercube, the insanely looking creation by Mike Petereyns.

We know Mike Petereyns by a number of beautiful creations. Perhaps his most famous work of art the “Tri-Max” is an all-in-one computer of quite big proportions eventhough the Tri-max is still suited for lan-party’s by keeping the total weight low compared to it’s size.

The creation Mike Petereyns made for this competition is named: “Hypercube”

In geometry, a hypercube is an n-dimensional analogue of a square (n = 2) and a cube (n = 3). It is a closed, compact, convex figure whose 1-skeleton consists of groups of opposite parallel line segments aligned in each of the space’s dimensions, perpendicular to each other and of the same length. A unit hypercube’s longest diagonal in n-dimensions is equal to {\sqrt {n}}.

The quote above is the description of a Hypercube according to wikipedia. The description in my words is: It’s a cube in a cube in a cube in a cube in a blablabla it’s a danged awesome Mod 🙂

With this Hypercube Mike has enlarged the Intel Nuc to 30x30cm dimensions. The Nuc now is watercooled and has various nice detailwork to finish the Mod.
Logo’s of the manufacturers who’s hardware has been used for this build, such as G.Skill and Intel Nuc, have been placed on the sides. For me personally these logo’s could’ve been made abit more subtle, but the sponsors want something too ofcourse, besides, the logo’s don’t step out of line in the build itself as they are now.

The Intel Nuc itself has been painted in a white color, making it look alot nicer than it was already. A white Nuc would be more of a people’s choice than the original grey and black this little monster normally has.
Besides the color change the Nuc now has a custom liquid cooling setup, ofwhich the pipes are guided outside from the top of the Nuc to the pump and radiator in the bottom of the Hypercube. The reservoir has been placed above the Nuc. It’s this watercooling setup that made the change in size of the Nuc necessary.

The inner sides are crafted from blue acrylic plates in which cutouts show a 2d version of a Hypercube. By making these sides in acrylic they somewhat color with the RGB LED lighting making the Mod coherent troughout

One of the first things that caught my eye in this Mod is the fact that it seems so huge. The Mod itself is only 30x30cm total, but in the photo’s it seems alot larger. I’ve told Mike about this and perhaps in the future we might see different photo’s on pc-customs.be which show the Mod in a better perspective. In my opinion the main power of the Nuc is that it packs so much power in such a tiny build. With this Mod Mike seemingly breaks the appearance of the Nuc, but as i said, this is just a matter of perspective in the photo’s.

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