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Mike Petereyns, Big dreams from a small Country

When people think of Belgium, they tend to think about fries, chocolate and if you have abit more money , diamonds. This small country is worldfamous for these three things, but in the world of the Modders Belgium isn’t small at all, it’s the home of Mike Petereyns! now i can hear alot of my readers (non-modders) think: and who might that be?”, well i hope this article will answer that question in a way that you’ll never have to ask it again.

trimaxThe Name Mike Petereyns unfortunately only got an impact worldwide when he conquered first place in the Coolermaster Scratch build 2015 and literally silenced all competition.
The Tri-Max that Mike built for this competition wasn’t just a rebuilt case, it didn’t even look anything like a computer anymore, cause the Tri-max is more than a computer, it’s an all in one system. A system which holds anything you might need to play games, watch movies, listen to music or whatever you want to do on a computer, and all that with just 1 powercord!
Besides all standard computer components like motherboard, processor, graphics cards, memory and such, this build also contains a 34″ curved monitor and a 2.1 speakerset. All of this is built inside a custom aluminium casing while keeping the weight so low that it’s still measured as a portable.. (and this was tested at a Lan party)

My idea for the Tri-max started as a triple screen setup. I saw more and more enthousiasts with 3 screens, 2.1 sound system, webcam, bluetooth and monstercase on their desk.. then i asked myself can’t that all fit in one big casing? Ofcourse it can and so Tri-MAX started.

Mike Petereyns MetropolisA more recent build by Mike Petereyns is the “Metropolis” made for the Batman v Superman competition by MSI-Gaming This competition was about Casemods, so the creativity had to show in the details of the build, to this end Mike Petereyns set his loyal employees to work to put the most unbelievably small details into the case, especially the Bat-Signal shining in bright white LED over the city of metropolis i thought was a nice detail, but the detail work in the acrylic of this case was a outright challenge to Modders worldwide forcing them to raise their work to a higher level.

Mike Petereyns: Dreams trough the ages.. *

Mike Petereyns has been building mods at a high level for about 10 years, and hopefully will remain doing so for a long while longer. Every mod he’s shown so far showed us a slightly different technique, where Tri-Max was over the top on Aluminium, Metropolis was about the acrylic, and troughout his previous builds you can see a rising line in Mike’s art and knowledge. It even seems that he takes every build as a new oppurtunity to learn or try something new. Earlier i talked about Mike’s loyal employees, Mike Petereyns is the owner of PC-Customs.be a company specialised in custom computers, so if you have dreams about something but can’t build it yourself, contact him! I can feel the comments coming that if you have employees build your mods, you can’t really call it your own, and that that would be unfair to other Modders in the competitions… Mike Petereyns’ employees are: his CNC-Router, a 3Dprinter, a plotter (vector design printer) and a paintbooth. So no, not people but the machines he uses for his craft. Seeing that he uses these machines so often, Mike sees them more as employees than machines (maybe he even talks nicely to them and stuff.. you never know… ) Next to his work as a Modder Mike Petereyns is a mechanic at Volvo Trucks. But above all Mike is a family man, with a personal fanbase in all that he undertakes, his wife and three children.

Everytime i try to use all techniques old and new in a build, the theme dictates the technique needed. My school education has a big part in this, an eye for detail is something i’ve had from a very young age, perhaps this is because my father was also very technical and artistic by nature?

Mike Petereyns is one of the invited for the 2016 Thermaltake casemod Invitational Season 1 as you could’ve read in an earlier article by me, for this competition Mike’s building a casemod with the name: Shui Shen (translated from taiwanese this means Watergod) with a name like that you just know this Mod will have some insane watercooling loop. His explanation in the Thermaltake forum worklog gives a few unmissable hints towards the end design without ruining the surprise. Think about a waterloop coursing IN the acrylic window!! Don’t know about you, but sofar i haven’t seen anyone else do this, so i’m impatiently awaiting his worklog updates to see how that will turn out..

In his years as a modder, Mike has built a huge loyal fanbase, and this can be seen on his Facebook Profile, but also on the various forums on which he’s active. Everytime he posts a photo of his current workings his fanbase makes themselves known with compliments and shares across the entire Internet. Various builds by his hand have been featured on websites about Modding and there he gets showered in merit and enthousiasm. This doesn’t limit to that small country called Belgium, but literally crosses the globe.

If you still don’t have Mike Petereyns in your modders to follow list i’d add him real fast, cause he’s obviously one of the greats and you’ll be able to look forward to lots of beauties.

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